A trustless, non-custodial, talent discovery marketplace connecting traders and asset managers to capital. Built on LayerZero

Valio is a talent discovery marketplace connecting traders to capital. On Valio you can bet on traders and asset managers without needing to trust them. Let them allocate funds for you in a secure and non-custodial way. No lockups, withdraw any time! For traders and asset managers, Valio is a way to make money by trading on behalf of others. Build a public track record and use that to attract more capital, earning more fees. Anyone can become a vault manager - it’s permissionless


  • A novel security architecture (CPIT) removes the need for trust between managers and depositors
  • Omnichain: managers get access to platforms on multiple networks, such as 0x on Ethereum, GMX on Arbitrum and many others. Built on Layer0
  • Seamless omnichain user experience, connecting manageres to capital across all evm-compatible DeFi applications


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