The first ever omnichain money market. borrow, leverage, and lend cross chain, powered by layerzero.

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TapiocaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) building the first-ever omnichain money market across 17+ EVM & non-EVM networks.

Omnichain composability creates a completely novel open financial layer that empowers DeFi users on dozens of networks. Tapioca utilizes the LayerZero generalized messaging network as its omnichain infrastructure. LayerZero offers seamless interoperability and composability across dozens of disparate networks. By eliminating chronically exploited intermediaries that introduce contagion risk, Tapioca streamlines the currently disjointed DeFi user experience, and offers users previously inaccessible levels of capital efficiency through liquidity defragmentation.

USDØ is the first decentralized, non-algorithmic, over-collateralized, and censorship resistant US dollar-pegged omnichain stablecoin to conquer the stablecoin trilemma of price stability, censorship resistance, and composability. Current stablecoins are little more than unconnected centralized asset wrapped dollar denominated assets akin to store credits due to their lack of secure and trustless cross-chain transportation. By utilizing the LayerZero Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) super-standard, USDO can be seamlessly transported across many chains without a bridge- eliminating slippage, wait times, and fees.

The first ever decentral bank allows users to lend, leverage up, and borrow assets across many disparate chains, thereby reducing the friction of currently siloed liquidity in the broader DeFi ecosystem to offer an important building block in the omnichain future of DeFi. Offering lending, borrowing, and leverage services across many chains creates a wider range of lending and borrowing opportunities and thus higher real yields on these underlying assets.

Welcome to the first secure, sustainable, real-yield providing, and seamlessly interconnected omnichain money market.

To learn more about TapiocaDAO, check out their highly aesthetic landing page.